Our Expertise
We invest and make a profit by buying and selling shares, property and other assets. We increase value of those assets by improving, developing and partnering with management team/ experts and use of latest technology. We then strategically sell assets or exit from investment.

We also maintain a strategic relationship with our sister companies that are engaged in technology based products and services.
Real Estate
We buy and sell properties comparatively in lower cost but at the same time maintaining highest level of service with sound advice to our valued clients. We plan and develop large area of land to small plotted land providing all facilities including road, water, electricity, sewerage and other as per the standard of regulatory body. We also design and build houses at cost effective price providing a customized menu of high-quality services tailored to customer’s specific needs and to maximize the profitability and potential of the asset.
We focus on funding projects in any lucrative business that includes shares, government bonds, and other assets besides land and properties. We are also looking to invest in other projects including tourism, agriculture and other service based industries.
Private Equity/ Venture Capital
We invest in startup or operating companies from the earliest days through all phases of growth.We back and support founders who are obsessed with solving hard problems and passionate in their interest and skill. We partner with these founders at a very early stage, helping them achieve product-market fit and then to help strength their marketing and management of the company.